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About Essential Physics (answers to frequently asked questions)

  • e-Book prices are for 6 years or the life of the adoption—prices are not an annual subscription!
  • Each hardcover textbook bundle includes one DVD and one student license for the e-Book at no additional charge.
  • Curriculum pricing includes the randomized self-grading quizzes and the Infinite Test Bank.
  • Full digital Teacher’s Editions are available to adopting schools and districts.
  • The e-Book may be copied onto local storage by copying a single folder, such as onto a school server, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • There are no individual student accounts. For example, a district purchasing 100 e-Books (or any combination of 100 e-Books and textbooks) may freely allow up to 100 students—any 100 students—to use the curriculum for the life of the adoption.
  • Ergopedia reserves the right to charge for additional licenses if enrollment increases by more than 5%.
  • A single Teacher’s Edition comes with a license to teach one student. A school or district wishing to use materials from the Teacher’s Edition to instruct 30 students must purchase at least 30 student e-Books.
  • The full Equipment Kit contains the ErgoBot, Optics System, ErgoTrack system (including Tripod Stand), Waves and Sound Kit, Electricity and Magnetism Kit, and Forces and Machines Kit.

Practical, easily usable technology
No individual student accounts to manage
and an e-Book that runs on virtually anything

  1. No individual student accounts: With Essential Physics each school gets a single annual access code that is shared by all students. There are no individual student accounts. For example, a school purchasing 100 e-Books may freely allow any 100 students to use the curriculum, exchanging students as necessary, including 100 different students each year—without any additional costs or account hassles! The only administrative requirement is to report enrollment on a simple on-line form once per year to obtain the next year’s access code. One enrollment number, once a year. That’s easy to administer!
  2. No installed software: The Essential Physics e-Book is an encapsulated HTML5 file that can be opened locally from any browser. Simply copy the Essential Physics folder onto any device or intranet server. That’s it! There is no software to install to use the e-Book.
  3. No Internet access required!: The Essential Physics folder can be opened from a local copy on any device or intranet server. Students do not need in-class Internet access! Of course, a full on-line version is also available for use anywhere. And, the same school-wide access code works for for both the online version and the local version.*
  4. Runs on virtually all browsers: The encapsulated HTML5 e-Book technology means Essential Physics runs on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.
  5. Runs on virtually all platforms: By having such broad browser capability, Essential Physics runs on Macs, Windows machines, Android tablets, iPads, and even smartphones. While no technology is truly future-proof, Essential Physics is 100% compatible with well-tested, internationally supported HTML5 making this e-Book technology as reliable, and cross-platform supported as possible.
* The online assessment test bank and test/assignment builder requires teacher access to the Internet, but not student access.