Our Waves and Sound kit gives you fundamental tools you need to teach harmonic motion, waves, and sound. Our "slinky" and "snaky" springs are high-quality metal (not plastic) and four chrome-plated steel tuning forks are great for making the connection between science and music.

Kit includes:

  • Steel transverse wave "snaky" spring (1.8 m)
  • Extra-large steel longitudinal wave "slinky" spring
  • 25 cm extension spring
  • Pendulum/spring hanger
  • Resonance lever
  • 1" diameter aluminum pendulum ball
  • Resonance tube
  • Tuning fork 256 Hz
  • Tuning fork 320 Hz
  • Tuning fork 341 Hz
  • Tuning fork 512 Hz
This kit supports both the 1st edition and 2nd Ed. of Essential Physics.
Supplemental Teacher's Guide available not needed for users of Essential Physics!

Ordering information

130 - 01013Waves and Sound kit $145 *

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120 - 03013Oscillations, Waves and Sound Teacher's Guide$99 *
*U.S. educator pricing only

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