Our Optics kit is a complete laboratory for learning about light, color, and optical technology. Three 50 mm optics mounts slide easily and then lock down with thumbscrews. The light source makes a perfect illuminated “object” for optics experiments, and the fixed spacing of the colored LEDs makes it easy to observe and measure image properties such as magnification, inversion, and brightness.

Also included are two diffraction gratings, 50 mm window, 50 mm opaque image screen,
and phosphorescent plastic sheet.

Step up from lenses and flashlights balanced on a meter stick!

This reliable optics system will have your students completely engaged in wonderful physics, cool engineering and fundamental optical technology.

The technology of light
The rechargeable light source lasts all day
and you never need batteries! The four colored
LEDs on a 10 mm spacing make it easy to
make precise magnification measurements
and see image inversion.

The bright central LED is actually 3-in-1 and includes separately controlled red, green and blue (RGB) sources. This allows you to teach the technology of color with powerful lessons that apply to many technologies such as LCD screens, digital cameras, video, and fiber optic communications.

Kit includes:

  • 1.4 m extruded rail
  • 50 mm optics mounts (3)
  • Rechargeable light source
  • AC adapter/charger
  • Refraction tank
  • Triangular prism
  • Phosphorescent plastic
  • 50 mm convex lens - 10 cm f.l.
  • 50 mm convex lens - 20 cm f.l.
  • 50 mm convex lens - 50 cm f.l.
  • 50 mm concave lens - 20 cm f.l.
  • 50 mm convex mirror - 20 cm f.l.
  • 50 mm concave mirror - 50 cm f.l.
  • 50 mm screen
  • 50 mm diffraction grating
  • Eyeglasses
This kit supports both the 1st edition and 2nd Ed. of Essential Physics.
Supplemental Teacher's Guide available not needed for users of Essential Physics!

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130 - 01009Optics System$295 *
120 - 03012Light, Color, and Optics Teacher's Guide$99 *
*U.S. educator pricing only

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