Programming is one of the most valuable skills in the job market today and robotics is the cutting edge of technology. Our unique combination of hardware and software makes it easier than ever before to get your students excited, engaged and successful with both.
  • Everything works right out of the box - nothing to solder or assemble.
  • Designed for the classroom - use the same ErgoBot every period - all day.
  • Projects 1-8 require no installed software. Students write easy code that gets the ErgoBot moving in less than 20 minutes.
  • All three Sensors are included and need only a few jumpers to connect.
  • Build-up to C-level programming language using logic and sensors.
  • The Teacher's Guide includes 23 projects with lessons, slides, and a wealth of instructional material.
  • The Arduino-compatible ErgoBoard is available separately to upgrade your existing ErgoBot.

ErgoBot Robotics system includes

  • ErgoBot
  • Arduino-compatible ErgoBoard
  • IR distance sensor
  • 5-position IR skirt sensor for line following
  • Light sensor
  • Jumper wires
  • AC adapter/charger
  • ErgoBot front carraige
  • ErgoBot User's Guide
This kit supports both the 1st edition and 2nd Ed. of Essential Physics.
Supplemental Teacher's Guide

Ordering information

130 - 01032ErgoBot Robotics System (incl. ErgoBot, ErgoBoard and sensors)$790 *
130 - 01028ErgoBoard upgrade kit (for existing ErgoBot)$255 *
120 - 03015Programming and Robotics Teacher's Guide$99 *
*U.S. educator pricing only

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