• Interactivity is the most powerful, and efficient way to learn.
  • Students get immediate feedback encouraging them to try many variations.
  • Math acquires meaning when equations are animated and respond.
  • Don't settle for just turning a page with a swipe! Technology can do so much more.

Equations have interactive simulations that respond to values the students enter for each of the variables. The ball in the example actually accelerates across the screen when you enter values for force and mass.

New concepts - such as wavelength - become real when students see the wave on screen change as they change the value of its wavelength. They score 100% when their wave matches the randomly generated wave in the simulation.
Abstractions such as motion graphs become real when the actual ErgoBot moves precisely as commanded. If the graph shows a velocity of 20 cm/s for five seconds then the ErgoBot drives across the floor at 20 cm/s for five seconds.