Our vision for STEM is that Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics should be integral to how we teach Science. Why not learn about engineering by using robot navigation as a context for learning vectors? Why not learn about light by actually using the RGB model to make different colors, or use a lens to make an image? To us, STEM is a more engaging way to learn science by providing context and application for everything we teach.
Introduce your students to the science and technology of light including reflection, refraction, color, intensity, lenses, mirrors, real and virtual images, human vision, digital imaging, and the quantum theory of light.

A powerful, new, and engaging way to teach motion using robotics and technology. Topics include position, displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration, motion graphs, vectors, introductory programming (statements, variables, loops) and, introductory robotics.

Teach the science and technology of waves and sound. Lessons cover harmonic motion, waves, sound, period, frequency, wavelength, resonance, Doppler effect, interference, frequency spectrum, multi-frequency sound, digital sound, human perception, and music.

This unique module offers 23 lessons and projects covering introductory and intermediate programming, robotics, sensors, code development, variables, loops, logic structures, autonomous operation, design, engineering, optimization, and performance testing.

12 lessons
5 interactive simulations
8 interactive equations
12 slide presentations
12 lesson plans
12 Student assignments

17 lessons & projects
14 interactive simulations
6 interactive equations
17 slide presentations
17 lesson plans
17 Student assignments

13 lessons
5 interactive simulations
8 interactive equations
13 slide presentations
13 lesson plans
13 Student assignments

23 lessons & projects
7 interactive simulations
Interactive IDE
23 slide presentations
23 Student assignments

Requires Light and Optics kit
Requires ErgoBot kit
Requires Waves, and Sound kit
Requires ErgoBot Robotics system
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